Areas of Implementation

We measure large firms with several organisational layers as well as small and medium sized firms: the focus can be on one single team, several teams in a given situation, or on the whole organisation


Varying applications of barometer:
selective, as needed, covering all areas.

Single team

An important example is the board of directors. This team is very important because of the multiplying effect of their insight and decisions to achieve optimal teamwork and synergy in the whole company.

Often a Barometer assessment for the whole company follows after an assessment of the Board. In this way, the conclusions and findings can be systematically applied throughout the organisations, in conjunction with conclusions drawn for the various teams, based on their individual results.

Other examples are small firms, corporations, associations, etc.

Several teams in a given situation

Some companies have specific needs in parts of their organisation. This can be the case for whole departments or just a few teams. Other examples for Barometer assessments are reorganisations, or falling performance in a business unit, etc. Assessments can also be used to establish the base line for change projects, as well as promote and manage change.

Covering the whole organisation

When assessing an entire organisation with the barometer, we do not only produce results for the individual teams. We make various summaries for different hierarchical levels which are most interesting and relevant to implementing improvements. Unit managers can position themselves against the summary results of the entire organisation. They see where there is room for improvement and where they are strong and may support others. Managers of all levels can differentiate between the summary results of their whole organisation and their own management team results.

When systematically implementing needed improvements, we also, of course, include the results of other analyses (Non-TriPol). This is especially useful for specific analysis of the business view, or employee view (employee satisfaction surveys), when the whole picture is not being shown.

Our customers measure their results with the Barometer and therefore have proof of their development.

The systematic measurement and development of overall business, technical and human competencies in day to day work leads to success.