TriPol Tools

Many of our customers complement their management tools with the TriPol tools. This enables a very practical implementation of the planned measures. Our tools fit the barometer assessment like a key that fits a lock: when you use it, the door opens and development happens.

Practical tools

We have appropriate tools for each focal point identified in the barometer assessment. They provide an overview and explain the business – technical – human interdependencies. They demonstrate the value of applying the tools in the workplace, with examples based on 25 years of experience in this field.

Example «Conflict Management»

A team has a red bar in the area of conflict management. Our conflict management tools include:

Implementation Tools

  • Identification of conflicts (also difficult conflicts hidden under the surface)
  • Various conflict resolution methods for simple situations and complex interlinked conflicts
  • Methods for anchoring in daily work
  • Positioning of conflict
  • Critical success factors in the daily management of conflicts

Implementation Know-How

The most important aspect in working with tools is the implementation know-how. The goal is to work on those aspects where the most effective development is possible, to efficiently solve problems.

In our implementation meetings with customers we conduct on the job education and implementation: we explain the essential principals and the appropriate tools to use when addressing specific problems.

Examples of conflict management from various industries are of great interest and stimulate further discussions in the handling of conflicts.

Quite often, people wait too long to address conflict and do so in a non systematic way, which normally worsens the situation. Customers with a clear need usually introduce a proactive conflict culture – with positive results for the organisation and the people involved.

Such a procedure has a double effect: on the one hand, the situation is clear and the problem solved. On the other hand, the team has learned how to handle conflict situations. This doesn’t mean that such a team can handle every situation. This again depends on the situation and the people involved.

For teams with a good barometer assessment (mainly green) it is possible that one conflict workshop for conflict implementation will be sufficient. Some companies have introduced conflict management for the whole organisation. This normally takes a few months, to ensure it is fully anchored into daily work, but is highly effective.

Knowledge and comprehension are important. However, they are of little use on their own – focus must be on the action.