The TriPol-Barometer measures the vast spectrum of human competencies, combined with business and the technical competencies. The results enable an organisation to identify key factors that are preventing success and to strengthen those that lead to success.

The assessments reveal where the problems lie in relation to the success factors, and therefore identify the need for action. They also show the strengths, that are very motivating. This is where our work begins: to ensure that hidden problems don’t grow under the surface, but are handled systematically as soon as they begin to develop.

Factors for success:

Characteristics of business, technical and human factors in businesses.

The «traffic light» chart shows measurements for the success factors.


The TriPol-Barometer measures the critical success factors for day to day teamwork in relation to business, technical and human factors, by analysing the views of all people involved in the teams or organisation. The data for the Barometer is gathered through interviews or questionnaires, depending on the situation.

There are different versions of the Barometer, depending on whether it is an independent team, or a team which is part of a larger organisational unit with interdependencies. Moreover, there are different depths of analysis. To ensure sustainability and ongoing effectiveness, a further measurement to compare results is done a year or two after the first measurement.


The Barometer analysis contains an overview of all the success factors as well as the following different views:

  • Business factors, technical factors, human factors
  • Knowledge, comprehension, acting
  • My view, view of the team, view of the organisation
  • Additional views and summaries

A workshop is convened for all those involved, plus the TriPol specialists, at which the results are presented, discussed and interpreted, an action plan is worked out and the implementation is planned.

Based on all Barometer results in our database since 1992 and our experiences in many implementations, we are able to show our customers how their results compare with other companies in a comparable environment.


Many of our customers use TriPol’s practical implementation tools in their day to day business and combine them with their own tools. Where required and desired by customers, TriPol specialists are available to support their practical implementation.

Some customers use the Barometer also to measure the progress of their own or external projects.

In larger development projects, customers perform annual measurements in order to monitor how the success factors are progressing.

Factors for success:

Development of the business, technical and human factors after one year.

Quite often, teams start to change their behaviour based both on the Barometer analysis itself and on the discussions which follow: they take on more responsibility for their part in the teamwork and their influence on all three dimensions: business, technical and human. They recognize the connections and interdependencies and develop an understanding of them. Moreover, many participants start to actively include more human competencies in their daily life. All this has a very positive influence on the development of the organisation.

The TriPol-method and its approach are «TM» protected.