Barometer Assessments for reorganisations

Often reorganisations are done top down, with relatively little involvement of the people, taking account only of business and technical needs – often with disappointing results.

We have, however, had excellent and positive results by involving the employees in a clearly defined way. Generally, this leads to very solid solutions that are supported at all levels. Such solutions also include the views and priorities of management. The systematic approach of TriPol is also successful in such situations, because the reorganisation has a solid broad base in relation to business, technical and human factors.

TriPol takes on responsibility to lead such projects or for the process.

Barometer measurement of a team with various needs for improvement.

Ex 9: Reorganisations where employees retire and are not replaced

We led a project where several employees retired and were not replaced in order to reduce costs. By systematically consolidating tasks, responsibilities and competencies, we were able to enlarge and enrich the span of control for many employees and managers, which offered many developmental opportunities for those who wanted it. Moreover, the newly built organisation units allowed teamwork to be restructured where necessary. Employee satisfaction rose significantly. The costs for the TriPol analysis were one tenth of the annual savings after the reorganisation.

«The larger, but more clearly defined span of control is motivating for most employees.»

Director of a large government unit


Ex 10: Adjustment of organisational structure to address the changing market

Management wanted to reduce levels of hierarchy, to shorten internal communication paths, and to simplify contact with customers. This could have caused a lot of uncertainty in the work force. In such situations it has proven to be very valuable to systematically involve all concerned with our method. In this way, very good business and technical solutions were able to be worked out and all employees were involved and therefore supported it fully.

«It was intensive, but worthwhile: I would not have thought that we could make the organisation more effective, and raise employee satisfaction at the same time.»

Project leader after successful reorganisation