Assessments with the barometer

Success results from the interdependency of business, technical and human competence.

The barometer measures these success factors.

Many of our customers want to see and understand their current performance in relation to these factors, in order to be able to set the correct priorities.

Ex 3: Yearly status

A team of 16 people measured its performance with the barometer during the last 2 years, and gradually improved their performance. The results (many factors in the green category, one category in red: the teamwork objectives, six further categories were yellow: especially feedback and communication). The team worked on these results in half-day workshops. They were quite astonished that even their customers realized how much their climate has improved. Since then the team has used the barometer for an annual status check to actively drive forward their development and, also, to enable new employees to be effectively included.

«To me the Barometer is like a mirror that I need every year.»

Owner of a business in the health area


Ex 4: Explosive conflict in part of a large project

The project leader of a very demanding technical project, containing several subprojects, had an assessment done. He wasn’t sure whether he was receiving all the necessary information from the subprojects. He knew of some technical conflicts within a subproject, but had been informed that all was solved. The barometer assessment showed that the communication in this subproject was way below average. Conflict management showed bad scores (all in the red area, below 50%). From these results he learned that there were two opposing groups in these subprojects: the one favouring a decentralised solution, the other a central one. They agreed on a solution, but the conflict continued to grow under the surface. The TriPol method made it possible to systematically work on and resolve the situation. The objectives had to be adjusted, and systematic conflict management for the whole project was initiated.

«I’m very glad I didn’t give up on this»

Project leader of a large project in a bank after successful conclusion of the project


Ex 5: Everything appears to be wrong

A team was in a very difficult situation. Everything seemed to be wrong. From the very beginning the employees informed us that there was no hope and that there was a culture of distrust in the whole company. Their new manager didn’t achieve any improvements either – so they also mistrusted him. The team needed a new foundation and to find a systematic way to grow step by step. Working with their manager, and with their input, we established a few basic ground rules for getting started. Then we worked out true common objectives in relation to business, technical and human aspects. Step by step, the employees and their manager became aware that it was possible to build up trust, based on clearly defined teamwork. The assessment a year later to compare results showed very positive improvements.

«I am astonished that we found a way out of this disastrous situation.»

Statement by of an employee of a large government organisation